The Suicide of Lucretia by Rembrandt

Year: 1664Artist: Categories: ,

“Lucretia” by Rembrandt portrays the tragic story of Lucretia, a figure from Roman mythology. According to the tale, Lucretia was a virtuous Roman noblewoman who was raped by the son of the last king of Rome. Overwhelmed by shame, she committed suicide as a means of preserving her honor.

Rembrandt’s painting captures the intense emotional turmoil of the moment. Lucretia is depicted in a dramatic pose, clutching a dagger as she prepares to take her own life. The scene is imbued with a sense of despair and resignation. The painting by Rembrandt depicting Lucretia is among his significant works. Rembrandt’s mastery of light and shadow, as well as his ability to convey emotion, are evident in this powerful portrayal.


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