Bejeweled Skeleton of Saint Munditia by Eastern Orthodox Church, Paul Koudounaris, St. Peter's Church

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Saint Munditia, once venerated as the patron saint of spinsters, has a rather intriguing history. Over time, she found herself concealed from public view due to her perceived grotesqueness, which no longer aligned with contemporary sensibilities. However, a closer examination of her reveals a fascinating and meticulously adorned figure.

Saint Munditia wears beautiful clothes that are carefully made. The metalwork on her clothes adds to her appearance, making her look rich and important. The small details on her clothes show how much effort was put into making her image, suggesting that she is still important today.

Her lifelike eyes are captivating because they look so real. They make her look almost like she is alive and watching the world. She is not just a thing from the past; she is a remarkable work of art and devotion.

Paul Koudounaris is a photographer who investigates and documents religious phenomena, specifically church ossuaries, charnel houses, and shrines. His book, “Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures and Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs” showcases the bejeweled skeleton of Saint Munditia and other saints from Catholic mysticism in a delightful, must-read photographic journey.

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