Bejeweled Skeleton of Saint Gratian by Eastern Orthodox Church, Paul Koudounaris, St. Peter's Church

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In Adalbart Eder’s collection of Waldassen skeletons, Saint Gratian stands out as a captivating and distinctive creation. This portrayal presents the saint dressed in a vibrant reinterpretation of Roman military attire, showcasing a resplendent figure with intricately detailed lace-up sandals, imposing shoulder, chest, and arm guards that radiate strength and valor.

Eder’s work brings Saint Gratian to life in a unique way, offering a compelling reimagining of this historical figure within the context of Roman military heritage, making it a noteworthy addition to the Waldassen collection.

Saints Felinus and Gratian, honored as martyrs in the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox traditions, hold the status of patron saints for the town of Arona, near Milan, where their relics are venerated.

On March 13th, Arona commemorates two sets of martyrs: Saints Felinus and Gratian, along with Saints Carpophorus and Fidelis.

Paul Koudounaris is a photographer who investigates and documents religious phenomena, specifically church ossuaries, charnel houses, and shrines. His book, “Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures and Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs” showcases the bejeweled skeleton of Saint Deodatus and other saints from Catholic mysticism in a delightful, must-read photographic journey.

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