The Train Station by Fabián Pérez

Year: 2023Artist: Categories: ,

The Train Station paintings are more than just a depiction of a physical place. They are also a reflection of the human condition. The train station is a place where people come together from all walks of life, with their own unique stories and experiences. It is a place of transition, where people are leaving one place and going to another. It is a place of hope and possibility, where people are starting new chapters in their lives.

Perez’s paintings capture the diversity and complexity of the human experience. His characters are all different, but they are all connected by their shared humanity. The Train Station paintings are a celebration of life and the human spirit.

In addition to their artistic merit, Perez’s paintings also have a social message. He wants his viewers to see the beauty and humanity in everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. He also wants to remind his viewers of the importance of compassion and understanding.

The Train Station paintings are a powerful and moving reminder of the shared humanity that connects us all.


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