The Lichfield Cathedral by Sir George Gilbert Scott

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Lichfield Cathedral, an Anglican church in Staffordshire, England, forms part of only three cathedrals in the UK that has three spires. What sets Lichfield Cathedral apart from the other two in the set is the fact that it’s the only medieval cathedral of the group. 

In stark contrast to the golden age of the 18th century city of Lichfield, the cathedral suffered decay that included its 15th-century library and the statues on the west front. Most of  the statues were removed, the stonework covered over, and new figures carved in Roman cement put in their place.

First built on the present site in 700, the cathedral is a Grade I listed building in the UK, placing it on one of four statutory historic building lists.

The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Mary and Saint Chad. It was heavily damaged during the English Civil War, and all of the stained glass windows were destroyed as a result. Despite this, the windows still contain remnants of the best medieval Flemish painted glass to date.