Stay by Reynier Llanes

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Cuban-born and Miami-based, artist Reynier Llanes is well-recognized as a “New Superstar of Southern Art.” Using watercolors, oil, and coffee to paint his masterpieces, Llanes work has been described as traditional narrative symbolism.

“Stay” is an oil on canvas painting from Llanes’ 2022 exhibitions held in various museums and cities throughout the year.

The exhibition is titled “What Is Essential Is Invisible to the Eye”. Llanes uses raw emotion and transforms these invisible feelings on to the canvas, just as he has done here with Stay. The viewer is therefore encouraged to look deeper within to find meaning.

Llanes’ paintings express a child-like wonderment for the adventures that await, while still covering serious social issues, emotional well-being, and invisible, everyday sentiments.

Stay conveys the longing and wanting for a person now gone, whether that be the end of a relationship or the death of a loved one, perfectly visualizing the way we feel when that person has gone.

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