Beacon of Hope by Andy Scott

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Based on a concept inspired by Thanksgiving Square in Dallas, Texas, the Beacon of Hope sculpture is 19.5m high and was designed by artist Andy Scott, though fabricated by Irish company, P.F. Copeland Ltd.

The company retain the rights to the structure, which was worked from Scott’s original scale maquettes. The bronze globe that forms part of the structure was cast by Beltane Studios. All said and done, the sculpture took six years to plan, design, develop, and fabricate.

The sculpture is made of stainless steel and cast bronze, spiraling towards the sky and holding “the ring of Thanksgiving” aloft. The project goals were to “create some public space for giving thanks,” according to chairman of the Thanksgiving Square charity, Lord Diljit Rana.

The work represents the universal philosophies of peace, harmony, and thanksgiving. Its surface is marked and scored with the names of cities where people and industries of Belfast have either migrated to, or exported their goods to.


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