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This month on Twitter, the posts with the highest engagement turned out to be a fantastic collection of some of the world’s masterpieces. This is our selection of those paintings and artworks.



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Gardens and Flowers – Abbott Fuller Graves – 1913 – USA

Graves’ work often focused on landscapes and gardens, with an emphasis on capturing the atmospheric effects of light and color.

However, many of his artworks remain uncategorized and undated.

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Moon – Michael Creese – 2015 – USA

Moon is a notable artwork created by Michael Creese, a living artist from the United States, who produced this captivating piece in 2015.

The painting depicts the moon at sea, showcasing Creese’s artistic skill and his ability to capture the ethereal beauty of celestial bodies.

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The Suicide of Lucretia –  Rembrandt van Rijn – 1664 – Europe

The Suicide of Lucretia is a renowned painting by Rembrandt van Rijn that depicting the tragic story of a Roman noblewoman. The artwork captures the intense emotion and drama of Lucretia’s suicide.

It is housed in the Minneapolis Institute of Art and stands as a testament to his enduring legacy.

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Sunset (Coucher de Soleil) – Claude Monet – 1868 – Europe

Claude Monet’s diverse sunsets, including Coucher de soleil (Sunset), captured twilight’s atmospheric effects with vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes.

Experience Monet’s captivating sunsets at art museums. Their ethereal beauty and ever-changing moods continue to fascinate audiences.

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The Letters of Vincent van Gogh – Vincent van Gogh – 1914 – Europe

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh is a collection of correspondences written by the renowned artist Vincent van Gogh in 1914 in Europe. These letters offer valuable insights into Van Gogh’s artistic vision, personal struggles, and creative process.

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh are a valuable resource for understanding the life and artistic journey of this influential figure in the art world.

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