Ottoman Jambiya Dagger by Ottoman Empire

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Ottoman Jambiya daggers are traditional daggers that originated in the Ottoman Empire and are still used and produced in modern-day Turkey. These daggers are known for their distinctive curved blades and ornate, decorative handles.

The curved blade of the dagger is called a yataghan, and it is designed for both thrusting and slashing. The blade is typically made from high-quality steel and is known for its strength and sharpness. The handle of the dagger is often made from materials such as bone, horn, or wood, and is adorned with intricate designs and ornate metalwork.

Ottoman daggers were often used as ceremonial weapons, as well as for self-defense and combat. They were also often given as gifts to important dignitaries and officials, and were seen as symbols of power and prestige.

Today, Ottoman daggers are still produced in Turkey, often by skilled craftsmen who use traditional techniques and materials. They are often sold as souvenirs or decorative items, and are also used in traditional dance performances and other cultural events.


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