Allegory of Summer by František Bohumil Doubek

Year: 1905Artist: Categories: ,

Allegory of Summer (also known as Allégorie de l’été) depicts a young woman surrounded by symbols of summertime, such as ripe fruits, flowers, and a cornucopia. The woman’s beauty and the symbols of Summer create a sense of peace and harmony.

The painting is also an allegory of the passage of time. The woman’s youth and beauty represent the fleeting nature of Summer, while the ripe fruits and flowers represent the abundance of the season, yet also suggest that Summer is coming to an end. The cornucopia, a symbol of plenty, suggests that Summer’s gifts will be enjoyed by all.

Allegory of Summer is a beautiful and thought-provoking painting that captures the essence of the season. It is a reminder that Summer is a time of joy and abundance, but it is also a time of change and transition.


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