1995 (detail) by Graziano Locatelli

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Italian artist Graziano Locatelli creates mixed-media artwork using any number of materials that include tiles, metal plates, ceramics, mosaics, cement and glue. Much of his art – including 1995 (detail) – is seen as permanent installations and can be found in popular and frequented spaced around Italy (such as the substation).

The artist explains, “During my chaotic childhood, I developed an intense and uncanny fascination towards broken objects. Damaged cars and isolated towns in ruins, that were common nearby the mountains from which I came from, were my favourites. The attraction to all that is transformed into something else but means of a break became the main theme and the vision underlying my work.”

Locatelli’s art evokes familiarity, disrupted by unexpected drama and tension that releases the pent-up restlessness underlying everyday inhabited spaces and gives voice to the chaos. The potential to restore balance between what is trapped and what is free, and what may be vs what is now and what eventually can be is the main driving force behind many of Locatelli’s artworks.


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