Jean-Michel Bihorel

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Jean-Michel Bihorel (1988-), He has been doing digitally generated images since 2008 after finishing his studies in an animation school in France. First he started working for movies and commercials, doing special effects and fully 3D animated visuals. This led him to work for famous brands and feature films. This demanding production environment allowed him to sharpen his taste for detailed and photorealistic images. He truly initiated his own artistic approach back in 2016. It’s the time it took both to master the technical aspects of the digital medium and the maturation necessary for the emergence of subjects that touched him. 
Child of two artists using traditional supports, he has always been attached to the beauty of the material, the gesture and more generally to a certain figurative realism in art. As a child of the digital generation, he fully embraces this medium with infinite potential which offers a complete freedom of expression. However, he always ensure that the digital side of his artworks is not what characterizes them in the first place. Building a 3d picture requires a lot of technical knowledge and it can easily look dull. So many steps are involved in the process of creating the final picture, the artist needs to have a clear view of what he aims to achieve.