Winter Sleep by Jean-Michel Bihorel

Year: 2020Artist: Categories: ,

Winter Sleep is a digital image that is sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as The Sleeping Lady, a human-like protrusion on Mount Sustina in Alaska.

The artist was quite surprised to learn that his digital image had gone viral and was linked to the mountain range in Alaska. In fact, one report even linked it to a mountain in Kyrgyzstan! “I find it amusing to see how people need to believe that some fantastic things may have happened,” Bihorel said. “I think that in these hard times, everybody needs a bit of fantasy in their life.”

Bihorel’s image portfolio often combines the female shape with other natural elements to create realistic mountain ranges and the like. Winter Sleep is quite similar to Peace and Tranquility to Mars, an image that resembles a Martian landscape with a distinctly female-formed shape asleep in the natural environment that surrounds it. “The goal was to make very peaceful looking pictures,” Bihorel said. “Like a nap that would have lasted thousands of years.”


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