Gaetano Cellini

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Gaetano Cellini (1873-1937) was an Italian sculptor and painter .

In 1920, he sculpted the bronze monument in front of the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians in Turin . The tondo, also in bronze , with the face of St. John Bosco , for the urn of the Saint is also his work. In 1921, he sculpted the War Memorial of Carmagnola (TO).

Between 1928 and 1930, Cellini sculpted the Monument to the fallen of the First World War in Asti . In 2006 an exhibition on the artist Gaetano Cellini was set up at the Exhibition Hall of the Basilica of Maria SS. Help of Christians in.

His works Include:

  • “Humanity against evil” (1908) exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome
  • “Bust of Mons. Manacorda” in Fossano (1912)
    “Monument to Don Bosco” (1920) in Piazza Maria Ausiliatrice in Turin
  • “Monument to the fallen” of Carmagnola (1921)
  • “Silver medallion to Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati” in the parish church of BVM delle Grazie, Turin Crocetta (1926)
  • “Monument to the fallen” of Asti (1930)
  • “Bust of the Provost don Michelangelo Chiaretta” in the parish church of S. Vincenzo M. di Nole (TO)
  • “Bronze crucifix” in the parish church of San Costanzo in Pont Canavese “The temptation”
  • “Female head” exhibited at the Cividini Museum in Bergamo
  • “Mask of a young woman” exhibited at the Cividini Museum in Bergamo
  • “Folding fan”
  • “Bust of Michelangelo”
  • “Bronze panels” for the portal of the Sanctuary of San Giovanni D’Andorno.
  • “Marble high relief” in a funerary shrine in the Tortona cemetery.
  • L’umanità Contro il Male (Humanity Against Evil)