Daniël Stalpaert

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Daniël Stalpaert or (1615–1676), was a Dutch architect, painter, town carpenter, print artist and draftsman. He was the first city architect in Amsterdam, a position that would not be filled again until 70 years after his death. He is mainly remembered for his contributions to the new town hall of Amsterdam, now the Royal Palace.

Stalpaert was the son of Pieter Stalpaert and Maeyken de Walperghe. His father was a Flemish landscape painter who was born in Brussels and had emigrated with his parents to the Dutch Republic likely for religious reasons. His father had become a poorter (citizen) of Amsterdam in 1609. His mother was born in Antwerp and so was his father’s second wife.

He trained initially as a painter with his father. He announced his wedding with Margrieta Francen on 26 July 1639. The record of his wedding states that Daniël Stalpaert was then 24 years old and was a painter. The document further states that he was living with his mother and his uncle Abraham de Walperge on the Conninxgrach (now called the Singel). A daughter born from the marriage and his wife died the next year.