Clyties of the Mist by Herbert James Draper

Also known as The Mountain Mists

Year: 1912Artist: Categories: ,

Drawn toward the sun’s clearing light streaming through the clouds – and yet repelled by it – the artist portrays the early morning mists as sensuous, mythical clyties (water nymphs) who float weightlessly through the landscape. The Clyties of the Mist are inspired by a Greek legend that comes to life in this 220 x 122 cm oil on canvas painting.

Inspired by the legend of Daphne, the nymph who loved Apollo so much that she rejected all sustenance to follow the passage of the sun across the sky, the Clyties of the Mist embody the spirit of the legend.

Artist Herbert James Draper painted this masterpiece just a few years short of his death in 1920, towards the end of his most productive years (1894-…)


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