Luise Max Ehrler

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Luise Max-Ehrler, born Luise Ehrler von Erlenburg, was the daughter of kk-lieutenant Franz Ehrler von Erlenburg and Theresia Aumüller. In 1866, she arrived in Prague and began her artistic education under the guidance of Emil Lauffer, who served as the director of the Academy of Fine Arts. Seeking further instruction, she pursued studies in Munich under Joseph Flüggen. Later on, Luise married the painter Heinrich Max on December 27, 1877, in Prague.

Her artistic journey led her to Vienna, where she continued her studies with the renowned artist Hans Makart. Following Makart’s passing in 1884, Luise relocated to Munich alongside her husband, and there she further honed her skills under the tutelage of her brother-in-law, Gabriel Max.

Sadly, Luise Max-Ehrler experienced the loss of her husband in Munich in 1890. Subsequently, she moved to Aigen near Salzburg, where her brother Guido Ehrler von Erlenburg resided. It was in Aigen that she spent the remainder of her life until her passing.

The influence of Hans Makart, known for his history paintings, is evident in Luise Max-Ehrler’s artwork, as her works reflect his artistic style and approach.