Jago Jacopo Cardillo

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Jacopo Cardillo (1987-), is an Italian artist and sculptor . After graduating from Art School , he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone , which he left before completing his studies. Since 2016, the year of his first personal exhibition in the Italian capital, he has worked and lived in Italy, China, America and the Emirates. He has been a visiting professor at the New York Academy of Art, where he gave a masterclass and a lecture in 2018.

Jago has received numerous national and international awards such as the Pontifical Medal (conferred to him by Cardinal Ravasi on the occasion of the Pontifical Academies award in 2010), the Gala de l’Art award in Montecarlo in 2013, the Pio Catelnel award in 2015, the Arte Fiera di Bologna Public Award in 2017. He was also inducted as Mastro della Pietra at MarmoMacc 2017.