Ignacio Trelis

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Ignacio Trelis is an artist whose upbringing was steeped in a profound love and appreciation for art. From an early age, he was drawn to the world of painting, with a particular affinity for the Spanish school of art in Rome.

This deep-rooted passion for art has been a defining aspect of his life. One prominent influence on Ignacio Trelis’s artistic journey is the renowned Reus painter Mariano Fortuny. Fortuny’s work left an indelible mark on Trelis, making him a dedicated follower and advocate of the artistic style that flourished between the 19th and 20th centuries.

To further his artistic development, Ignacio Trelis pursued formal studies in various local art academies. Among his mentors was the painter Paco Barrachina, with whom he formed a lasting friendship. These academic experiences and relationships helped shape his artistic skills and sensibilities.

One of the remarkable aspects of Ignacio Trelis’s artistic path is that he can be described as a self-taught painter. His style and artistic identity evolved through diligent studies and a relentless exploration of various techniques and artistic models. This commitment to learning and growth has been central to his development as an artist.

In his current artistic phase, Ignacio Trelis’s research and experimentation have led him to explore a diverse range of artistic approaches. His work now encompasses elements of abstraction alongside the more traditional and realistic figurative art.

This fusion of styles results in a body of work that is both personal and unique, reflecting his individual perspective and creativity in the contemporary art landscape.

In summary, Ignacio Trelis is an artist who was nurtured in an art-loving family and was profoundly influenced by the Spanish school in Rome, with Mariano Fortuny as a key figure. He honed his skills through formal studies and self-driven exploration, ultimately creating a distinctive artistic style that blends elements of abstraction and realism, setting him apart in the current art scene.