Gustave Doré

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Gustave Doré (1832-1883) was a French illustrator , caricaturist , painter , lithographer and sculptor. He is the son of Pierre Louis Christophe Doré.

From the age of five, Gustave Doré, endowed with a sharp sense of observation, showed a singular talent for drawing. As soon as he got his first paint palette, at nightfall, he painted a hen green, which terrified the whole town. His great curiosity allows him to multiply eclectic sketches (intimate or urban scenes, mythological or from Antiquity ). Gustave enters the class of the Vergnette pension, place de la Cathédrale, as internal 3where he begins to illustrate his school notebooks and the letters he writes to his parents and friends. He produced his first caricatures, taking as his subject his entourage. His fertile imagination feeds on readings and early inspirations exceptional for his age. Doré draws Mr. Fox, a series of six graphite drawings inspired by the work of Grandville .