Eglon Van der Neer

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Eglon van der Neer, also known as Eglon Hendrik van der Neer, was a Dutch Golden Age painter who lived during the 17th century. He was born in Amsterdam in 1635, the son of the prominent landscape painter Aert van der Neer. Eglon van der Neer primarily specialized in genre scenes, portraits, and historical subjects. He was known for his ability to capture intimate moments, particularly in his domestic and interior scenes. His paintings often depicted figures engaged in everyday activities, such as playing music, reading, or conversing.

Van der Neer’s style was influenced by the works of his father, but he developed his own distinctive approach. His use of light and shadow, as well as his attention to texture and detail, lent a sense of realism and depth to his compositions. He skillfully depicted the play of light on various surfaces, such as satin and velvet fabrics, adding to the richness of his works. While Eglon van der Neer may not be as widely recognized as his father, his paintings are still highly regarded for their technical proficiency and atmospheric qualities. His works can be found in several museums and private collections around the world.