Bertel Thorvaldsen

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Bertel Thorvaldsen, (1770-1844), was a Danish sculptor, who spent most of his life in Italy.

While at the Royal Danish Academy of Art, Thorvaldsen flourished and won several awards as well as the renowned Gold Medal.

Part of this award, he was granted a pension to study in Rome, where he arrived in 1797.

Thorvaldsen was considered one of the greatest sculptors from Denmark, and the very first Danish artist to accomplish worldwide success.

While in Rome, he rose to prominence due to his well known and large studio and workshop in the city.

Upon returning to Denmark in 1838, the Thorvaldsen Museum was built to house all his works, right next to the Christiansborg Palace.

When he died suddenly from a heart attack in 1844, Thorvaldsen gave all his money to the museum and was buried within the courtyard of the museum under a rose bush as requested.